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Soren Anders
Origin Illinois, United States
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2008–present
Labels Shark Meat Records
Associated acts Shimmerplanet , The Staves
Website Artist's Website
Notable instruments

Soren Anders (born John T Fischer) is an American composer, singer, record producer and instrumentalist from southern Illinois. He is the creator of the multi-award winning band Shimmerplanet.

Early life[edit]

Anders has said that as a child, he spent a lot of time outdoors, growing things and getting dirty. A bit of a hippy, he subscribed to Organic Gardening Magazine when he was eight years old. He spent much of his early years playing the piano and violin, drafting maps of imaginary cities, and escaping into endless hours of TV watching.

At the age of 16, Anders turned off the TV for good, and wrote his first piece, a terribly melancholy instrumental composition for solo piano.

In college, Anders committed himself to the piano, studying under the acclaimed principal pianist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Mary Sauer. Anders possessed a special affinity for terribly melancholy Russian music.

Anders' has performed in many bands most notably Shimmerplanet.

He has taught elementary school music in a dangerous neighborhood, formed an award-winning children's gospel choir, and wrote music for a few plays and films.[1] And, in the middle of all this musical meandering, he moved to New York and created Shimmerplanet.


Ander's has gained much critical success as the creator of the band Shimmerplanet has been called "a breakthrough creatively" and "brilliant". "It takes artistic courage to be this lyrically honest and musically experimental," wrote[2] Awards from The Songwriters Hall of Fame, The Independent Music Awards, and Talent in Motion Magazine followed.

Anders has worked with 60s recording icon Lesley Gore, 80s recording icon Chris Stein (of Blondie), and recently scored and conducted a choir for one of his favorite bands, Menomena. The recipient of numerous awards, international airplay and critical accolades, Anders is very busy, not just with Shimmerplanet, but with various other collaborations (Darren Ockert, Carolyn Eufrasio, Molly Bea).


Studio albums[edit]

Year Billboard Hot 200 US Heatseekers US Independent US Digital US Internet Canada


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