Sork Ale

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Sork Ale
Nabro and Mallahle Volcanoes-NASA.jpg
False-color topographical relief image of Nabro caldera (top; in Eritrea) next to the Mallahle volcanic caldera, then Mount Sarkali with the smaller Sork Ale caldera in the bottom right.
Elevation 1,611 m (5,285 ft)[1]
Sork Ale is located in Ethiopia
Sork Ale
Sork Ale
Range Danakil Alps
Coordinates 13°10′48″N 41°43′30″E / 13.18°N 41.725°E / 13.18; 41.725Coordinates: 13°10′48″N 41°43′30″E / 13.18°N 41.725°E / 13.18; 41.725[1]
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption Holocene?

The Sork Ale Volcano (also known as the Asdaga or Sorcali Volcano) is a sicilic stratovolcano located in the Danakil Horst at the southern end of the Danakil Alps near the Ethiopia/Eritrea border. It makes up part of the Bidu volcanic complex (with the Nabro Volcano, Bara Ale and Mallahle).[1]

The volcano has scoria cones suggesting Strombolian eruptions. At the top of the volcano is a 1km wide 300m steep sided caldera there are satellite vents on the south east flank. The volcano lies on the western end of lava field.[1]