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Sorum film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised Romanization Soreum
McCune–Reischauer Sorǔm
Directed by Yoon Jong-chan
Produced by Baek Jong-hak
Hwang Pil-seon
Written by Yoon Jong-chan
Starring Kim Myung-min
Jang Jin-young
Music by Yoon Min-hwa
Cinematography Hwang Seo-sik
Edited by Kyeong Min-ho
Distributed by Buena Vista International
Release dates
  • August 4, 2001 (2001-08-04)
Running time
111 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Sorum is a 2001 South Korean horror film and the feature film debut of director Yoon Jong-chan. Starring Kim Myung-min and Jang Jin-young, it tells the story of a young taxi driver who moves into a dilapidated old apartment building, the site of a brutal tragedy thirty years earlier. The film has been nominated for and won several awards.


Looking for a new start, a young taxi driver moves into Apt. 504 of an old tenement named Migum Apartments. He soon finds that the previous tenant died mysteriously, and everyone on the floor is connected to the man.

After befriending the neighbor living a few doors down, he falls into an affair that sends them both down a dark path. But there's something else odd about the atmosphere in the run-down building. Does a ghost haunt those living here, or does the evil exist in those left alive?



2001 Sitges Film Festival

2001 Busan Film Critics Awards

2001 Blue Dragon Film Awards

2001 Director's Cut Awards

2002 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film

  • Best Actress: Jang Jin-young
  • Best Director: Yoon Jong-chan
  • Special Jury Award: Yoon Jong-chan

2002 Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema


Dread Central wrote, "Sorum is definitely a slow burn", but called the film's "subtle horror" effective.[1]


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