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Fishing vessel anchored in a bay off the archipelago

Sotra is the name of an archipelago in Hordaland, Norway, just west of Bergen. The largest island is Store Sotra, while the second-largest and most populated is Litlesotra. The latter and part of Store Sotra are part of Fjell, while southern Sotra is part of Sund. Roughly 25,000 people live on Sotra. Between Store Sotra and Litlesotra lays the island Bildøy. The major populated areas of Sotra are linked to the mainland by road bridges, including the Sotra Bridge, the seventh-longest suspension bridge in Norway.[1]

Environmental protection[edit]

In 2014 media revealed that krystallinsk silika ("chrystalline Silica") can not be deposited openly—but can legally be deposited in a cell.[2]

Coordinates: 60°18′N 05°05′E / 60.300°N 5.083°E / 60.300; 5.083


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