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Soulscar is a heavy metal band from North Vancouver, Canada. Their music has been described as a cross between thrash and melodic death metal.[1]


Soulscar was formed in 1997 as a solo project of Andrew Staehling, who released several demos with the help of hired musicians, among whom was Jeff Waters of Ottawa-based Annihilator. For recording the debut album, Staehling recruited Brent Mackenzie as a bass player in 2002, and released Character Assassination.

Following the positive response[citation needed] from Character Assassination, the band signed to Galy Records in 2003. At this time two new members were added: Igor Cheifot on drums, and Stas Mikheev on guitar. Now with a full lineup, Soulscar began performing in Vancouver. Their second album, Victim Impact Statement, was released in 2004, followed by Endgame in 2006, both on Galy Records. Endgame saw the addition Andrew's wife Alexandra Staehling's vocals on three tracks, and also featured three instrumental tracks.[2] As of sometime in 2007, the future of the band is uncertain, the band has stopped updating the official website and Myspace.


  • Andrew Staehling - guitar, vocals
  • Brent Mackenzie - bass, vocals
  • Igor Cheifot - drums
  • Stas Mikheev - guitar


  • Character Assassination (2002)
  • Python (EP, released 2003)
  • Victim Impact Statement (CD, Galy, 2004)
  • Endgame (CD, Galy, 2006)


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