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This article is about the Unix-based tracker. For the ZX Spectrum program, see Soundtracker. For the Amiga program, see Ultimate Soundtracker.
Screenshot of tracking in version 0.6.8
Original author(s) Michael Krause
Stable release 0.6.8 / 2006-02-25
Written in C
Operating system X11/Unix
Type Tracker
License GNU General Public License

SoundTracker is a free tracker for Unix-like operating systems running X Window System for composing music to be saved in module files.


Its name is a tribute to the 1987 Amiga program Ultimate Soundtracker which is regarded as the first program of this type, while its user interface mostly resembles and indeed functionally mimics Fast Tracker,[1] one of many popular MS-DOS-based audio trackers, supporting saving in its file formats. It generally renders playback using the OpenCP (à la Cubic Player) engine. SoundTracker uses GTK+ (version 1, now succeeded by version 2) as its widget toolkit, but an unofficial port to GTK+ 2 exists by contributors. For many years, SoundTracker was one of the very few mature audio trackers available for Unix-like operating systems.


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