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Right wing sound truck, demonstrating in Kyoto, Japan on Constitution day. The large white characters read from the right (the front of the vehicle) 敬愛倭塾 kei ai yamato juku, literally translated as "respect ancient Japan school".
Sound truck, operated by the Communist Party of Japan, seen in Aichi, Japan

A sound truck is a vehicle equipped with loudspeakers, typically used to play loud political or commercial messages, but are also used in evacuations. The use of sound trucks for advertising is illegal in many jurisdictions.[citation needed] It is legal in Portugal and usually used during election campaigns by political parties.[citation needed] It is also legal in Japan. For the legal situation in the United States see Saia v. New York (1948) and Kovacs v. Cooper (1949). In Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the level of the sound cannot exceed 65 decibels.[1]

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