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Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Sound Effects Library, Production Music Library
Available in English, Support for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Owner Rob Nokes
Launched May 7, 1997
Current status Active is a commercial online library of sound effects. As of 2010, 500,000 sound effects and production music tracks are available for immediate download or on hard drive or CD.[1] Downloads are available in AIFF, WAV, and MP3 formats. Their website began providing service in May 1997. is based in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Canada, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Company history[edit]

In 1990, Greg King and Nelson Ferreira formed Sound Dogs (Toronto).[2] In 1995, Greg King, Robert Grieve, and Robert Nokes formed Sound Dogs USA in Los Angeles, California.[2] was formed in 1996 and launched in 1997 by Sound Dogs LA. Around 1999, Nelson Ferreira partnered with Stephen Barden at Sound Dogs Canada. In late 2001, Sound Dogs USA (King, Grieve) and (Nokes)separated. Sound Dogs New York was started by Stephen Barden around 2005.

Currently, there are three separately owned Sounddogs companies: Sound Dogs (USA), owned by Greg King; Sound Dogs (Toronto), owned by Nelson Ferreira. and, Inc., owned by Robert Nokes.[2]

2009, Greg King formed King Soundworks.

Alumni from Sound Dogs Canada include Craig Henighan, Paula Fairfield, Darren King, and Yann Delpuech.

Content partners[edit]

Aside from in-house sound effects by Rob Nokes, has partnerships with many sound designer and companies in order to provide the best selection possible. Partners include:

Charles Maynes, Elliot Koretz, AMG, Airborne Sound Library, Bobby Mackston, Casablanca, Coll Anderson, Copra Studios, Craig Henighan, Dan O’Connell, Digiffects, Elements, Farts Dot Com, Hanna Barbera, Interplay, Nightingale Mobile, Nightingale Voice Box, Nokes Library, Point One Sound, Ripe, Rob Nokes Horse Racing Collection, Sonic Science, Sound Ideas SFX, Sound HOG, Sound Label, Sonospheres, Sounddogs, Soundminer, Soundstorm, The Anarchist Cookbook, The Recordist, Tomahawk Films, Trak Works, Valentino, and Zak Sound.[3]


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