Soundgarden "4 Track" demo

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Soundgarden "4 Track" Demo
Demo album by Soundgarden
Recorded April 24, 1985
Genre Grunge
Producer Bruce Pavitt

This is an early demo tape by the American rock band Soundgarden.


The band, who was at this time a three piece with Chris Cornell on drums and vocals, recorded the demo in April 1985 in Bruce Pavitt's basement.[1] "Incessant Mace" appeared a month before on the C/Z Records limited edition cassette only compilation Pyrrhic Victory [2] and was rerecorded later for the band's debut album Ultramega OK. "Tears To Forget" was later recorded for C/Z Records Deep Six compilation album and was also rerecorded again for the band's debut EP Screaming Life. The demo tape was among many of the artifacts displayed at the Experience Music Project exhibit in Seattle, Washington.[3]

Track listing[edit]

Side A: 6 Songs For Bruce

  1. "I Think I'm Sinking"
  2. "Bury My Head In Sand"
  3. "Tears To Forget"
  4. "The Storm"
  5. "Incessant Mace"
  6. "Invention"
  7. "Out Of My Skin"

Side B: Zen Deity Speaks



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