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Soupe Opéra
Created by Christophe Barrier, Frédéric Clemencon
Country of origin France
No. of episodes 104
Running time 2 mins
Original channel FR3/France 3
Original run 1991 – 2000

Soupe Opéra is a children's television programme.[1] It was created in France in the early 1990s, and was aired globally as distant as Australia, originally on free-to-air, non-commercial channel ABC1, but is now shown more commonly on sister channel ABC2 on the ABC 4 Kids lineup.[2]


In each episode, fruit and vegetables spontaneously exit a basket, moving by themselves, and cut themselves up to form animals and objects. The animals formed then perform actions, such as eating the left over food. In some episodes, the food comes out of a garbage bin to form the animal, such as a possum.


Each episode features more or less the same song, which is played throughout the short episode. It will be slightly different, as there are small sound effects put in when the animal eats, makes noises etc. The main song begins with just a female opera voice singing "Soupe Opéra" in a French accent. Computer generated drums then come in, with a heavy 4/4 beat, and a low voice singing in a kind of a groan "Ah Oo Oo Oh Oo Oh". The sound of this song, with its somewhat random sound effects, has a typically 1990s sound.


This show has developed somewhat of a cult following, particularly in France and Australia. This is mainly among adolescents of the present time, who watched the show when it was aired in the early to mid 1990s. A few original episodes have been posted on YouTube in the past couple of years.


An episode of the popular children's TV show caused over 450 young children in France to have epileptic attacks.There was also an incident in Kazakhstan where several children attempted to recreate and episode of Soupe Opera but were all sadly killed when one of the children slipped and stabbed all the other children in the room, including himself. The infamous "Cabbage Episode" has since been removed from French and Kazakstanian Television. This episode is still running on Australian television.


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