Souq Sharq

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Souk Sharq
Souq Sharq.jpg
Blue Hours of Souq Sharq
Location Sharq, Kuwait
Coordinates 29°18′01″N 47°57′45″E / 29.300167°N 47.962450°E / 29.300167; 47.962450Coordinates: 29°18′01″N 47°57′45″E / 29.300167°N 47.962450°E / 29.300167; 47.962450
Total retail floor area 55,567 m2 (598,120 sq ft)

The Souk Sharq is a major shopping center in Kuwait City, Kuwait. The center began as a traditional souq but as the city has undergone investment has expanded into a modernized western-style shopping mall of approximately 55,567m³ area, with a vivacious atmosphere and one of Kuwait's most liveliest social venues.


On the Ground Floor and Second Floor there is a wide variety of retail outlets, ranging from well-known high-street shops to chic boutiques and designer stores such as River Island, Next, Boots, Nokia, Zara, Charles Jourdan, Sony, GNC, Mothercare and The Body Shop. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants.

There are only 21 water clocks in the world today and Sharq Market has one one of them. This 5.5m structure, constructed by Professor Bernard Gitton, is located in the Central hall (Plaza), and is the only one of its kind in the Gulf. The Ancient Greeks called this service “Clepsydra” which literally means “water thief”, and it is one of the oldest ways to measure time. .[1][2]