Souq al Jum'aa

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Souq al Jumʿaa (Arabic: سوق الجمعة) is a district in Tripoli, Libya. The Souq al Jum'aa residents are known to be the original inhabitants of Tripoli. The population (2011) is estimated to be at 450,000. 95% of the native residents are considered ethnically Arab. The rest are usually black Africans.

The area was named after a market called Friday's Market, which is what the name translates to in Arabic. The market was called by this name because it only opened on Fridays. Along with Tajura Soug al Jum'aa are the original inhabitants of Tripoli, however things changed, after 1969 when the Libyan Coup started and people from all around Libya started moving into the city, the population of Libya at the time was estimated to be 60,000 now it is over a million.

Coordinates: 32°53′N 13°14′E / 32.883°N 13.233°E / 32.883; 13.233