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Parent company Observer Capital
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New York City
Publication types Magazines, Newspapers, Websites
Official website

SourceMedia is a mid-sized diversified business-to-business digital media company owned by Observer Capital, which acquired the company from Investcorp in August 2014. [1] Formerly the Thomson Media division of The Thomson Corporation, SourceMedia was spun off and sold by Thomson to Investcorp in 2004 for $350 million.[2]

Based in New York City, SourceMedia has offices in the Washington suburb of Arlington, Virginia, Chicago and Atlanta.

SourceMedia employs approximately 400 people.

In 2009 Investcorp split the company into two, creating Accuity as a semi-autonomous unit within SourceMedia. Accuity was the Registrar[3] of Routing Numbers for the American Bankers Association, responsible for the assignment of routing numbers for banks in the United States, and was a leading worldwide provider of payment routing data, software and services. In 2011, Accuity was sold to Reed Elsevier for $530 million.[2]

On February 1, 2012, SourceMedia announced the adoption of a new company logo. The company's "new trademark icon depicts an array of screen-shaped pixels assembled in the shape of a three-dimensional hub."[4]

In late September 2012 it was reported that Investcorp would be selling the remainder of SourceMedia. In 2014, SourceMedia was sold to Observer Capital.[5]This is the first major acquisition for Observer Capital, which was founded in 2013 by Joseph Meyer.

Key Brands[edit]

The company's key brands include American Banker, The Bond Buyer, Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Planning, On Wall Street, Accounting Today, National Mortgage News, Health Data Management, and Employee Benefit News. Brands include American Banker, the banking industry's leading website and daily newspaper of record; The Bond Buyer, a leading website and only daily newspaper focused exclusively on the municipal bond industry as well as National Mortgage News the leading website and weekly covering the U.S. mortgage industry; and Mergers & Acquisitions, a monthly magazine providing news, commentary and analysis about corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Key Executives[edit]

  • Doug Manoni, CEO[6]
  • Michael Caruso, CFO[7]
  • Marianne Collins, Chief Revenue Officer[8]
  • David Longobardi, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer[9]
  • Minna Rhee, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer [10]
  • John DelMauro, Senior Vice President, Conferences and Events
  • Ying Wong, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Office Management


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