Source Han Sans

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Source Han Sans
Source Han Sans
Category Sans-serif
Classification East Asian gothic typeface
Commissioned by Adobe, Google
Foundry Adobe
Date created 2014
Trademark Adobe

Source Han Sans is a sans-serif gothic typeface created by Adobe and Google. Latin-script letters and numerals are taken from the Source Sans Pro font, while simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters are created by other companies. It is also released under the name of Noto Sans CJK by Google as part of its Noto fonts family.[1]

Source Han Sans includes seven font weights: ExtraLight 100, Light 200, Normal 300, Regular 400, Medium 500, Bold 700, and Heavy 900. The font contains 65,535 CJK Unified Ideographs specified in Unicode.

Source Han Sans
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 思源黑體
Simplified Chinese 思源黑体
Korean name
Hangul 본고딕
Japanese name
Kanji 源ノ角ゴシック
Hiragana げんのかくごしっく

Adobe's open source family[edit]

  • Source Sans Pro, the first member of Adobe’s open source family.
  • Source Code Pro, the second member of Adobe's open source family.
  • Source Serif Pro, the third member of Adobe's open source family.
  • Source Han Sans, the fourth member of Adobe's open source family and the first to include CJK characters.

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