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Sous-Chef de cuisine
Names Sous chef
Occupation type
Activity sectors
Competencies Food expert, Kitchen planning and management skills

Sous-Chef de Cuisine also Under-chef of the kitchen is a professional chef and the second-in-command and direct assistant of the Chef de Cuisine.[1][2]


This person may be responsible for scheduling the kitchen staff, or substituting when the head chef is off-duty. Also, he or she will fill in for or assist the Chef de Partie (line cook) when needed. This person is accountable for the kitchen's inventory, cleanliness, organization, and the ongoing training of its entire staff. A sous-chef's duties can also include carrying out the head chef's directives, conducting line checks, and overseeing the timely rotation of all food product.

Smaller operations may not have a sous-chef, while larger operations may have more than one.[3]


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