South African Army Engineer Formation

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South African Engineer Formation
Country  South Africa
Type Military engineering
Role To enhance mobility and survivability of own forces
Motto Ubique (Everywhere)
Primus incidere exire ultimus (First in and last out)
Colors Guardsman Red and Oxford Blue[1]
Collar Badge Bursting grenade with nine flames
Beret Colour Oxford blue

The South African Army Engineer Formation is the controlling entity of all South African Army military engineering units. The Formation is currently commanded by the General Officer Commanding (GOC); Brigadier General D.W. Nkosi, as of early 2013.


The Formation consists of both regular and reserve units:

Regular Units[edit]

Engineer Formation HQ. (Thaba Tshwane)

  • Administrative Headquarters of the SA Army Engineer Formation. (SAAEF).

School of Engineers. (Kroonstad)

  • Primary Training Centre for the SAAEF. (Part of General Support Base Kroonstad)

2 Field Engineer Regiment. (Bethlehem)

  • Primary Deployment Unit of the SAAEF.

35 Engineer Support Regiment. (Dunnottar)

  • Unit responsible for the maintenance of all Engineering equipment. (Part of Military Base Dunnottar)

1 Construction Regiment. (Dunnottar)

  • Unit responsible for all construction and Building maintenance work. Mostly Plumbers, Electricians and Builders are stationed here. (Part of Military Base Dunnottar)

Engineer Terrain Intelligence Unit (Thaba Tshwane)

  • Compilation and production of maps and other printed material. (Formed from the merger of 1 Military Printing Regiment and 4 Survey and Mapping Regiment.)

Reserve Units[edit]

3 Field Engineer Regiment. (Cape Town)

  • Field Regiment.

19 Field Engineer Regiment. (Durban)

  • Field Regiment.

Closed Units[edit]

14 Engineer Regiment.

  • Same as 1 Construction Regiment.

4 Field Engineer Regiment.

  • Field Regiment.

6 Field Engineer Regiment.

  • Field Regiment.

20 Field Engineer Regiment.

  • Field Regiment.