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The Minister of State Security (formerly the Minister of Intelligence Services) is a Minister of the South African government, who oversees South Africa's civilian intelligence agencies. As of 2014 the Minister of State Security is David Mahlobo.


In 1994, the intelligence service affairs were subordinated to the Minister of Justice. In 1995, Joe Nhlanhla became Deputy Minister of Justice with responsibility for intelligence affairs. In 1999, Nhlanhla became the first Minister of the new Intelligence Services ministry, and in 2000 he was succeeded by Lindiwe Sisulu. She was succeeded by Ronnie Kasrils in 2004. Kasrils was in turn succeeded by Siyabonga Cwele in 2008. When Jacob Zuma was elected president in 2009 he renamed the post to Minister of State Security, but kept Cwele in the job. After the ANC election win in May 2014, Jacob Zuma announced the new Minister of State Security as David Mahlobo.[1]


The following Agencies and their entities fall under the oversight of the Minister of State Security:

State Security Agency

National Intelligence Co-Ordinating Committee


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