South African cricket team in England in 1947

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The South African cricket team toured England in the 1947 season to play a five-match Test series against England. England won the series with three wins and two matches drawn.

Test series summary[edit]

South African squad[edit]

Details of the South African squad are as follows including name, domestic team, year of birth, role, batting hand, bowling type if applicable, and number of first-class appearances on the tour:[1]

South African squad 1947
Name Province Birth Role Batting Bowling Apps
Alan Melville (captain) Transvaal 1910 opening bat RHB OB/LBG 26
Dudley Nourse (vice-captain) Natal 1910 batsman RHB 23
Denis Begbie Transvaal 1914 batsman RHB OB/LBG 15
Ossie Dawson Natal 1919 all-rounder RHB RM 22
Dennis Dyer Natal 1914 opening bat RHB 17
George Fullerton Transvaal 1922 wicketkeeper RHB 16
Tony Harris Transvaal 1916 batsman RHB 15
Johnny Lindsay Transvaal 1908 wicketkeeper RHB 11
Tufty Mann Eastern Province 1920 spinner RHB SLA 21
Bruce Mitchell Transvaal 1909 all-rounder RHB LB 23
Douglas Ovenstone Western Province 1921 wicketkeeper RHB 10
Leslie Payn Natal 1915 spinner RHB SLA 10
Jack Plimsoll Western Province 1917 seamer RHB LMF 18
Athol Rowan Transvaal 1921 spinner RHB OB 22
Ian Smith Natal 1925 spinner RHB LB 20
Lindsay Tuckett Orange Free State 1919 seamer RHB RMF 18
Ken Viljoen Transvaal 1910 batsman RHB 21


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