South Australian state election, 1906

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South Australian state election, 1906
South Australia
1905 ←
3 November 1906 (1906-11-03)
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All 42 seats in the South Australian House of Assembly
22 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Thomas Price (Australian politician).jpg Sir Richard Butler (Australia).jpg
Leader Thomas Price Richard Butler
Party Labor Conservative
Leader since 1899 1 March 1905
Leader's seat Sturt Yatala
Seats won 29 seats 13 seats
Percentage 62.64% 37.36%

Premier before election

Thomas Price

Elected Premier

Thomas Price

State elections were held in Australia on 3 November 1906. This was a double dissolution election, and in the South Australian House of Assembly, all 42 seats were up for election. The incumbent United Labor Party government led by Premier of South Australia Thomas Price defeated the opposition led by Leader of the Opposition Richard Butler. Each district elected multiple members, with voters casting multiple votes.

House of Assembly (FPTP) — Turnout 55.80% (Non-CV) — Informal N/A
  Party Votes % Swing Seats Change
  Ministerialists (Labor-Liberal) 200,658 62.64 * 29 *
  Opposition Party 119,672 37.36 * 13 *
  Other 0 0.00
  Total 320,330     42