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South C is a middle-class residential estate located in the southland area of Nairobi also known as mombasa ndogo

It lies next to Wilson Airport and is also bordered by South B to the East, Langata Estate to the west and the Nairobi National Park to the south.

South C is also where the headquarters of the Kenya Red Cross Society is located & The Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) Training School of the Kenya Police, just off Mombasa road.

It is home to several sports clubs and hotels. The clubs include The South C Sports Club, Ministry of Works (MOW) Sports Club, Kenya Motor Sports Club, and the Ngara Sports Club. The Ngara Sport Club cricket ground is located in South C.[1] Some of the Hotels in South C include The Boma, The Red Court Hotel, Ole Sereni and Eka Hotel

South C is famed for being the origin of many artistes in Kenya's music industry. Some of the well-known artists in the Kenyan music industry that reside in South C are; Nameless, E-Sir, Big Pin, Habib and Manga, Longombas and K-rupt. South C - bred music artists as well as the majority of the youth are recognized for their enthusiastic personalities and due to this they are know to be successful.

South C has recently become famous among residents of St. Louis, MO for being the birthplace of Martin Sophia, owner of the successful production company Martin's Entertainment.[2]


Coordinates: 1°19′01″S 36°49′30″E / 1.317°S 36.825°E / -1.317; 36.825