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South Capitol Street is a major street dividing the southeast and southwest quadrants of Washington, D.C. It runs south from the United States Capitol to the Washington-Maryland line. Once it crosses the line, intersecting with Southern Avenue, it becomes Indian Head Highway (Maryland Route 210) at the Eastover Shopping Center, a terminal or transfer point of many bus routes.

North of the Anacostia River, South Capitol Street runs due north-south. Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, is located on South Capitol Street near the Anacostia River. However, after crossing the Anacostia River over the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge, South Capitol Street follows a slightly more winding path as it passes alongside Anacostia Naval Station, Bolling Air Force Base, and then through the southern end of Washington, D.C.

South Capitol Street links with major streets and highways such as Interstate 295, the Suitland Parkway, Atlantic Street, and Martin Luther King Junior Avenue. The section of South Capitol Street between Washington Avenue and the Suitland Parkway is part of the National Highway System. Washington Avenue provides a National Highway System connection between South Capitol Street and Independence Avenue.

Taxation Without Representation Street[edit]

The D.C. City Council ceremonially renamed a portion of South Capitol Street "Taxation Without Representation Street" in order to bring attention to the district’s lack of voting rights in Congress.[1] The goal, according to advocates, was to boost awareness by changing the address of Nationals Park.[2]


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