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SC 28 marker

SC 28
Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length: 131 mi[1][2] (211 km)
Existed: 1922 – present
Major junctions
West end: SR 28 at the GA line near Pine Mtn, GA
  US 76 / US 123 in Seneca
I‑85 near Anderson
US 221 / US 378 in McCormick
East end: US 278 / SC 125 in Beech Island
Counties: Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, Abbeville, McCormick, Aiken
Highway system
SC 27 US 29

South Carolina Highway 28 is a primary state highway in the U.S. state of South Carolina. It traverses east–west from the Georgia, near Mountain Rest, to Beech Island. It is unique that it is a continuous highway, but separated by a 17.5-mile (28.2 km) stretch through Augusta, Georgia.

Route description[edit]

SC 28 is part of a three-state highway 28, that totals 238 miles (383 km), from Tapoco, North Carolina to Beech Island. Because of its unique routing, both Georgia and South Carolina have two sections of Highway 28.[3]

Starting at the Russell Bridge over the Chattooga River, SC 28 starts off as a mountain rural highway, cutting through the Chattooga Ridge at Callas Gap (highest point on route). After passing Stumphouse Mountain, the curves end as it enters Walhalla. Once south of Walhalla, the road expands to four-lane (some sections divided), traveling straight to Seneca, then east around Clemson then south towards and around Anderson. Once south of Anderson, it switches into a two-lane rural road through Antreville, around Abbeville, and through McCormick. Along the banks of Lake Strom Thurmond, it eventually crosses over a non-dammed section of the Savannah River near Augusta, Georgia.

SC 28 returns into the state, just southeast of Augusta as a four-lane highway for 1.9 miles (3.1 km) before ending in Beech Island.


Established as an original primary route in 1922, SC 28 went northwest from Allendale, through Ellenton, to Beech Island. In 1928, it was extended southeast, replacing SC 1 from Allendale to Yemassee, then replaced SC 30 to Beaufort. Seven years later, SC 28 was truncated in Yemassee, replaced by an extension of U.S. Route 21 to Beaufort.

In 1938, SC 28 was extended northwest, going through Georgia as SR 28, to Abbeville (replacing SC 20); then from Abbeville to Anderson (replacing SC 18); and finally from Anderson to the Georgia state line along the Chattooga River (replacing SC 24).

In 1940, SC 28 was extended southeast to Gardens Corner as new primary routing; however, eight years later the extension was dropped, truncated back in Yemassee.

In 1951 or 1952, SC 28 between Beech Island and Allendale was cut off by the establishment of the Savannah River Site. In 1953, SC 28 was rerouted north around the Savannah River Site (replacing part of SC 781), then along new primary routing south to Barnwell, and then back to Allendale (replacing part of SC 3). Most of the old route became part of SC 125 and SC 641; other sections, that now reside in the Savannah River Site, are off limits.

In 1957 or 1958, two bypass routes were built along SC 28: Seneca and Abbeville; old routes through both cities became SC 28 Business. In 1959, SC 28 was straighten out east of Seneca, avoiding Newry. In the early 1960s, two more bypass routes were built along SC 28: Anderson, South Carolina and Pendleton; also, SC 28 was rerouted north and east around Clemson, leaving SC 93.

In 1965, SC 28 was truncated at Beech Island, all points east was replaced by US 278 and SC 68. In 1973, SC 28 was moved south onto new road between Walhalla and Bounty Land, the old route became "Old Walhalla Highway".[4]

Junction list[edit]

County Location Mile[5] Destinations Notes
Oconee 8.5 SC 107 north (Oscar Wigington Scenic Byway) – Cashiers, Sylva To Oconee State Park
Walhalla 16.5 SC 183 (College Street/Catherine Street) – Westminster Brief overlap with SC 183
West Union 17.5 SC 11 (Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) – Tamassee, Salem
19.5 Union Road/Popular Springs Road
Bounty Land 22 SC 188 north (Keowee School Road)
Seneca 23.5 US 76 west / US 123 west (Sandifer Boulevard) – Westminster West end of US 76 and US 123 overlap
26 SC 130 (Rochester Highway) – Newry, Salem
30.5 SC 93 (Pendleton Road)
Pickens Clemson 32 SC 133 (College Avenue) – Six Mile
32.5 US 123 east (Calhoun Memorial Highway) – Easley, Greenville East end of US 123 overlap
33 SC 93 (Old Greenville Highway) – Central
SC 28 Bus. east (Pendleton Road) – Pendleton
Anderson Pendleton 37.5
SC 28 Bus. east (Mechanic Street) – Pendleton
38 SC 187
44 I‑85 – Greenville, Atlanta
Anderson 45.5
US 76 east to US 178 / SC 28 Bus. east (Clemson Boulevard)
East end of US 76 overlap
49.5 SC 24 (Whitner Street) To Anderson Regional Airport
52.3 US 29 / SC 81 (Murray Avenue) – Starr, Hartwell
SC 28 Bus. west (Main Street)
56.5 SC 185 (Due West Highway) – Due West
62 SC 413 – Iva, Belton
Abbeville 66 SC 284 north (Trail Road) – Belton North end of SC 284 overlap
Antreville 67 SC 184 west – Iva West end of SC 184 overlap
68 SC 284 south South end of SC 284 overlap
68.3 SC 184 east – Due West East end of SC 184 overlap
Abbeville 78.5 To SC 20 / Main Street – Due West
79 SC 71 – Lowndesville
82 SC 72 (Greenwood Street) – Abbeville, Calhoun Falls, Mount Carmel
McCormick 96 SC 81 north (Savannah River Scenic Byway) – Willington, Mount Carmel, Calhoun Falls
102 SC 10 north – Greenwood
McCormick 104 US 221 north / US 378 – Greenwood, Lincolnton North end of US 221 overlap; to Baker Creek S.P. and Hickory Knob S.P.
Plum Branch 108 SC 283 east (Edgefield Street) – Edgefield
Modoc 117 SC 23 east – Edgefield
Clarks Hill 123 US 221 south – Harlem South end of US 221 overlap
SC 28 traverses through Georgia as SR 28
Aiken Beech Island 148 US 278 (Williston Road) / SC 125 (Atomic Road) – Barnwell, Jackson, North Augusta Brief overlap with US 278; SC 28 ends
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Note: Mileage to Beech Island based on continues travel through Augusta, Georgia.

Bannered routes[edit]

Seneca business loop[edit]

SC 28 Business
Location: Seneca, South Carolina
Existed: 1957–2000

Business loop use to follow original SC 28 through the downtown Seneca; has since been decommissioned.[4]

Pendleton business loop[edit]

SC 28 Business
Location: Pendleton, South Carolina
Length: 3.8 mi[6] (6.1 km)
Existed: 1962–present

The 3.8 miles (6.1 km) route follows the original SC 28 through the downtown Pendleton, via Pendleton Road and Mechanic Street.[4]

Anderson business loop[edit]

SC 28 Business
Location: Anderson, South Carolina
Length: 6.8 mi[7] (10.9 km)
Existed: 1960–present

The 6.8-mile (10.9 km) route follows the original SC 28 through the downtown Anderson, via Clemson Boulevard and Main Street.[4]

Abbeville business loop[edit]

SC 28 Business
Location: Abbeville, South Carolina
Existed: 1957–1989

Business loop use to follow original SC 28 through the downtown Abbeville; has since been decommissioned.[4]

Ellenton alternate route[edit]

SC 28 Alternate
Location: Ellenton, South Carolina

SC 64 alternate route provided direct access to Ellenton's town center from the mainline. In 1952, it along with Ellenton was abandon with the establishment of the Savannah River Site.[8]

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