List of South Korean films of 1983

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A list of films produced in South Korea in 1983:

English/Korean Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Born on February 30
Dance of a Widow Lee Jang-ho
Daughter of the Flames Im Kwon-taek
Declaration of Fools Lee Jang-ho
Flowers at the Equator Bae Chang-ho
Hotel at 0 Hour
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
A Man From Pyongyang Nam Ki-nam
Memories of 21
My Love
사랑하는 사람아 (속)
Sequel, Saranghaneun saram-a sok
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Promised Woman
약속한 여자
Yaksokhan yeoja
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Stray Dogs Park Cheol-su Chung Ae-rie, Jeong Han-yong
Tinker Wife
땜장이 아내
Ttamjang-i a-nae
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Village in the Mist Im Kwon-taek


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