South Norwood Library

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South Norwood Library
South Norwood Library
General information
Town or city South Norwood, London
Country United Kingdom
Client London Borough of Croydon

South Norwood Library is a public library in South Norwood, South London. It stands in the London Borough of Croydon and is part of the Croydon Libraries[1] arm of the council. It is next to the High street on Selhurst Road / Lawrence Road and is also close to South Norwood Recreation Ground. The library, like many other Croydon libraries, is based on more than one level. Croydon has said that it would like to redo its libraries so they could all be disabled accessible on just one level, like it has recently done with Ashburton Library but it has proved not to be costworthy.

The library building is arranged over five levels split across the front and rear of the building. The front part of the building has the ground floor entrance level, which houses the reception, and the second floor which houses the children's library. The rear of the building has the basement, first and third floors. The levels are offset so that the floors in the front and rear of the building appear like mezzanine levels to each other. There is a lift to all five floors (the lift numbers the floors as 0 through 5 with 1 being the reception level.


Services available at South Norwood Library include Books, CDs, DVDs and videos for reference and loan at the reception area. There's a Children's library on the second floor.

Other services include [1]:

  • Enquiry service
  • Free access to PCs including the internet
  • Black and white photocopier
  • Books in community languages
  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Community information
  • Reading groups

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