South Oran and Figuig Berber

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South Oran and Figuig Berber
tašəlḥit, tabəldit
Native to Algeria, Morocco
Region Ksour Mountains, Saoura basin, Figuig region
Native speakers
(no estimate available)
Arabic, Latin, Tifinagh
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
  qb8 Figuig
Glottolog sout3056  (South Oran)[1]
South Oran Berber speakers are found in oases scattered across southwestern Algeria and far eastern Morocco.

South Oran Berber and Figuig Berber (Figig) are the two dialects of a Zenati Berber language[2] spoken in a number of oases of southwestern Algeria and across the border in Morocco. These include most of the ksour between Mecheria and Béni Abbès: Tiout, Ain Sfisifa, Boussemghoun, Moghrar, Chellala, Asla, Fendi, Mougheul, Lahmar, Boukais, Sfissifa, Ouakda, Barrbi near Taghit, Igli, and Mazzer in Algeria, and Figuig, Iche and Ain Chair in Morocco.[3] Of these towns, the only one whose dialect has been studied in any detail is Figuig (Kossmann 1997).[4] A cursory study of the northern dialects, including texts and vocabulary, is Basset (1885),[5] while a sketch grammar of its southernmost member, Igli, is provided by Kossmann (2010).[6]

Like many other Berber varieties, these dialects use bipartite verbal negation. The preverbal negator is ul (locally un, il); the postverbal negator is ša (Igli, Mazzer) / šay (Figuig, Iche, Moghrar) / (Boussemghoun, Ain Chair), with both the latter two appearing as allomorphs in Tiout.[7] The numerals 1–2 are Berber, while higher numerals are Arabic borrowings throughout.[8]


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