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The South Wales Record Society is a text publication society. It was established in 1982 as the successor to the South Wales and Monmouth Record Society (active c.1949 to c.1963) with the aim of publishing important manuscript sources relating to South Wales.

Publications of the South Wales Record Society[edit]

The Society publishes single-volume editions of important historical sources relating to South Wales, with introductory texts, indexes and illustrations.

  1. Morganiae Archaiographia
  2. Map of Glamorgan (1799)
  3. Map of the County of Monmouth (1830)
  4. Diaries of John Bird 1790-1803 [1]
  5. Llandaff Episcopal Acta, 1140-1287
  6. Letterbook of Richard Crawshay, 1788-1797
  7. Diocese of Llandaff in 1763
  8. History of Monmouthshire, Vol. 5 [2]
  9. The Penrice Letters, 1768-1795
  10. The Glamorgan Hearth Tax Assessment of 1670 (out of print)[3]
  11. The Diary of William Thomas, 1762-1795
  12. Monmouthshire Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1560-1601
  13. St Davids Episcopal Acta, 1085-1280
  14. The Letterbook of John Byrd, Customs Collector in South-East Wales, 1647-80
  15. The Pennard Manor Court Book 1673-1701
  16. The Letter-Books of W. Gilbertson & Co., Pontardawe, 1890-1929
  17. The Letters of Edward Copleston, Bishop of Llandaff, 1828-49
  18. ‘Women’s Rights and Womanly Duties’: The Aberdare Women’s Liberal Association, 1891-1910
  19. The Household Accounts of the Aubreys of Llantrithyd 1621-1637
  20. In conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte: J. H. Vivian’s visit to the Island of Elba

Some publications have been digitised by the Welsh Journals Online project at the National Library of Wales.

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