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SouthBoy aka Say Holla Back
Birth name Dailaan Johnson
Also known as Young Holla, HollaBack, ThaBoy
Born 1984
Flag of the United States.svg New Orleans, Louisiana
Genres Southern rap
Occupations Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2006 - present
MMG Label

SouthBoy (born Dailaan Johnson in 1984) is an American rapper from Dallas, Texas.

Early success[edit]

SouthBoy is best known for the breakout song, "The Wiggle Song" was produced by SouthBoy and MOBMUZIC Records.

This lead-off single, off the album HustleGame, started a major buzz[citation needed] and ultimately grabbed SouthBoy a major label deal with Mack 10’s label, Melee Entertainment | Universal.

In addition to being the latest sensation of Melee, SouthBoy has formed MobMuzic Entertainment, The "M" Label, a record label and a production company BEATDOWN PRODUCTIONS formed by SouthBoy and Christopher, O.Z..


SouthBoy's rise to fame came at a high price when perpetrators shot SouthBoy and his best friend in a robbery attempt gone bad. SouthBoy sustained 7 gunshot wounds in his neck, back, arm and legs at point blank range while his friend was shot 5 times. His friend died on the scene. SouthBoy battled his injuries for 45 days in the hospital. Suffered paralysis and was told he would never walk again. Determined to get back on his feet, SouthBoy challenged himself daily by concentrating on lower body movement and working on his music. From the neck injury sustained, SouthBoy regained his vocal ability and his new voice presented him with a style and sound uniquely creative to his flow. In November 2005, his success physically and career wise paid off when he stepped in the booth and dropped the hot single “The Wiggle Song”. His recovery, style and flavor has branded him as a big name contender in the music industry.[citation needed]


Album cover Album information


Album Cover Album Information
Plastic Crack Vol 2
  • Released: November 20, 2005


Year Album
2007 "Pretty Bitch" HustleGame
2007 "The Wiggle Song" The ComeUp, not released. Melee Ent | Universal
2007 "Do It Like This" The ComeUp, not released. Melee Ent | Universal
  • 1 To be released
  • 2 Currently active on charts


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