Southeastern Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress

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The Southeastern Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress is one of the awards given by the Southeastern Film Critics Association to honor the finest female lead acting.



Year Winner Film Role
1992 Emma Thompson Howards End Margaret "Meg" Schlegel
1993 Holly Hunter The Piano Ada McGrath
1994 Jodie Foster Nell Nell Kellty
1995 Nicole Kidman To Die For Suzanne Stone-Maretto
1996 Frances McDormand Fargo Marge Olmstead-Gunderson
1997 Helena Bonham Carter The Wings of the Dove Kate Croy
1998 Cate Blanchett Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth I
1999 Hilary Swank Boys Don't Cry Brandon Teena


Year Winner Film Role
2000 Ellen Burstyn Requiem for a Dream Sara Goldfarb
2001 Sissy Spacek In the Bedroom Ruth Fowler
2002 Julianne Moore Far from Heaven Cathy Whitaker
2003 Naomi Watts 21 Grams Cristina Peck
2004 Annette Bening Being Julia Julia Lambert
2005 Felicity Huffman Transamerica Stanley Schupak/Bree Osbourne
2006 Helen Mirren The Queen Queen Elizabeth II
2007 Julie Christie Away from Her Fiona Anderson
2008 Anne Hathaway Rachel Getting Married Kym
2009 Meryl Streep Julie & Julia Julia Child


Year Winner Film Role
2010 Natalie Portman Black Swan Nina Sayers
2011 Meryl Streep The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher
2012 Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings Playbook Tiffany Maxwell
2013 Cate Blanchett Blue Jasmine Jeanette 'Jasmine' Francis