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The Southern Bridge (Latvian: Dienvidu tilts — Southern bridge) crosses the Daugava river in Riga, the capital of Latvia.[1][2] The bridge was constructed between 2004 and 2008, and was opened on November 17, 2008. Construction of the access roads is planned to last until 2013.

The government control commission in the report for January 2002 to September 2008 showed that, during that period, costs increased fivefold - from a planned 108.84 million lats to 570.14 million lats.[3] The third and final stage of construction was halted due to lack of funding, but was finished in 2013.


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Coordinates: 56°54′58″N 24°9′28″E / 56.91611°N 24.15778°E / 56.91611; 24.15778