Southern Death Cult

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This article is about the early 1980s goth band. For the band Death Cult, see The Cult. For the Native American culture, see Southeastern Ceremonial Complex.
Southern Death Cult
Origin Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Genres Gothic rock,[1] post-punk[2]
Years active October 1981–February 1983
Labels Beggars Banquet
Past members Barry Jepson
Haq Qureshi
Mick Iles
Mick Brady
Ian Astbury
David Burrows

Southern Death Cult was an English post-punk/positive punk (the precursory term for gothic rock) band in the early 1980s.[3][4][5] It is now primarily known for having given its lead singer and parts of its name to the multi-platinum hard rock band The Cult. Despite the similarities in the names, "Southern Death Cult" was distinct from "Death Cult"/"The Cult".


Southern Death Cult toured heavily in the UK promoting its triple A-side single "Moya/Fatman/The Girl", which had gone to No. 1 on the UK Indie Chart. The band toured with Theatre of Hate, and then succeeded in getting a slot opening for Bauhaus at the end of 1982, but Astbury disbanded the group after their show in Manchester on 26 February 1983.

Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy (of The Nosebleeds and Theatre of Hate) came together later in April 1983 to form an act with a similar name, first called Death Cult and then, after releasing a four song EP and a single, The Cult. The other members of Southern Death Cult formed Getting the Fear, who split up in 1985, Barry and Bee going on to form Into A Circle, Aki and Buzz forming a band called Joy. Qureshi then went on to form the political, Islamic hip hop group Fun-Da-Mental and create the label Nation Records.



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