Southern Premier League (Tasmania)

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Southern Premier League (Tasmania)
FFT Logo.jpg
Country Australia
Founded 1900
Number of teams 8
Levels on pyramid 3
Relegation to Southern League 1
Domestic cup(s) FFA Cup
Current champions South Hobart SC

The Southern Premier League currently known for sponsorship reasons as the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League is an association football league in Southern Tasmania. It is jointly with the Northern Premier League, the second highest level soccer competition in Tasmania. Nationally, it sits below the A-League and T-League. It is controlled by the Football Federation Tasmania (FFT). Between 2001-2012 the Southern and Northern Premier Leagues were the state's highest level of soccer competition. During this period the two regional leagues determined a southern and northern champion, who then had a play-off for the state championship.

2012 clubs[edit]

Team Coach Home Ground Location
Clarence United Ronnie Bolton Wentworth Park Clarence, Tasmania
Glenorchy Knights Ahmed Abdaltam KGV Park Glenorchy, Tasmania
Hobart Olympic Franco Previdi Warrior Park Hobart, Tasmania
Tilford Zebras Romeo Frediani KGV Park Hobart, Tasmania
Kingborough Lions Tim Dale Lightwood Park Kingston, Tasmania
New Town Eagles Steven Pitchford Clare Street New Town, Tasmania
South Hobart Ken Morton South Hobart Ground South Hobart, Tasmania
University Gary Slicer Olinda Grove Mount Nelson, Tasmania


Season Champions
1900 Trinity
1901 Trinity
1902 Gunners
1910 Hobart
1911 Westralia
1912 St. George
1913 Corinthians
1914 Corinthians
1919 South Hobart
1920 South Hobart
1921 South Hobart
1922 South Hobart
1923 South Hobart
1924 Sandy Bay
1925 Sandy Bay
1926 South Hobart
1927 Sandy Bay
1928 Hobart Athletic
1929 South Hobart
1930 Hobart Athletic
1931 Cascades
1932 Cascades
1933 Sandy Bay
1934 Cascades
1935 Cascades
1936 Sandy Bay
1937 South Hobart
1938 Sandy Bay
1939 Sandy Bay
1946 South Hobart
1947 South Hobart
1948 South Hobart
1949 Metro Claremont
1950 Metro Claremont
1951 Metro Claremont
1952 Metro Claremont
1953 Caledonians
1954 Metro Claremont
1955 Caledonians
1956 Caledonians
1957 Caledonians
1958 Caledonians
1959 South Hobart
1960 Caledonians
1961 Rapid
1962 Hobart Rangers
1963 Olympia
1964 Rapid
1965 Olympia
1966 Olympia
1967 Olympia
1968 Olympia
1969 Hobart Juventus
1970 Croatia
1971 Hobart Juventus
1972 Hobart Juventus
1973 Hobart Juventus
1974 Croatia
1975 Croatia
1976 Rapid
1977 White Eagles
1978 South Hobart
1979 Hobart Juventus
1980 South Hobart
1981 White Eagles
1982 Rapid
1983 Hobart Juventus
1984 Hobart Juventus
1985 Hobart Juventus
1986 White Eagles
1987 Olympia
1988 Olympia
1989 White Eagles
1990 Taroona SC
1991 University
1992 University
1993 University
1994 University
1995 Phoenix
1996 University
1997 New Town Eagles
1998 Clarence United
1999 Kingborough Lions
2000 Glenorchy Knights
2001 University
2002 [South Hobart]
2003 University
2004 Glenorchy Knights
2005 Glenorchy Knights
2006 Glenorchy Knights
2010 South Hobart
2011 South Hobart

Total Southern Championships[edit]

1. South Hobart 15
2. Hobart Zebras (Juventus) 9
3. University 8
4. Hobart Olympic (Olympia) 7
4. Sandy Bay 7
4. Kingborough Lions (Caledonians) 7
7. Glenorchy Knights (Croatia) 6
8. Metro 5
8. Rapid 5
10. Cascades 4
11. New Town Eagles (White Eagles) 3
11. Hobart Athletic 3
13. Corinthians 2
13. Trinity 2
15. Brighton Caledonians 1
15. Hobart Rangers 1
15. St. George 1
15. Westralia 1
15. Taroona SC 1
15. Gunners 1

Promotion and relegation[edit]

Over its history, the format of promotion and relegation has varied. There is currently no promotion to the T-League and no relegation to the Southern League One.

Previous relegation formats[edit]

Between 2006 and 2012 there was no promotion to a higher league, as it was the highest league in Tasmania (equally high as the Northern Tasmanian Premier League). In this period, promotion and relegation occurred to the Southern League One. The bottom-finishing club in the Premier League was relegated to Southern League One the following year and was replaced by the top-finishing club from League One.

Prior to 2006, at the conclusion of each season the bottom Premier League Club had a home and away play-off against the highest-placed League One Club to determine who would play in the Southern Tasmanian Premier League for the following season. As League One previously contained a mix of independent clubs and reserve teams from Premier League clubs (although currently has only independent clubs), the play-off only occurred if an independent club finished top of League One. If a Premier League Club's reserve team finished highest, then the bottom-placed Premier League club stayed in the league the following season.

Season Relegated club(s) (in League One the following season) Promoted from League One (in Premier League the following season)
2005 Hobart United
2006 Hobart United
2008 Metro
2009 University Taroona SC
2010 Taroona SC BeachSide
2011 BeachSide University of Tasmania SC

Individual awards[edit]

The Vic Tuting Medal is presented to the best and fairest player at the end of the season.[1]

Season Winner Club
2008 Ben Crosswell Tilford Zebras
2009 Josh Fielding Glenorchy Knights
2010 Josh Fielding Glenorchy Knights
2011 Jonathon Ladic Tilford Zebras

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