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Southport Flower Show held at Victoria Park, Southport, is the largest independent flower show in the UK.[1] It was originally started in 1924 by the local council, but since 1986 it has been operated by Southport Flower Show company, which is a registered charity. It is held annually for four days in late August and has attendances of over 80,000. Patrons of Southport Flower Show are Diarmuid Gavin, David Bellamy,[2] Professor Stefan Buczacki and Roddy Llewellyn.

The UK's largest and longest running independent flower show, each year it attracts many celebrities[3] from all over the world, from television[4] and film[5] to music and sport. The show offers a lot more than just flowers to look at, from cookery demonstrations [6] through to the gala dinners and music, and horse riding displays.


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