Southside Festival

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Southside Festival
Southside Festival 2005.jpg
Genre Alternative rock
Dates June
Location(s) Tuttlingen, Germany
Years active 1999–present

The Southside Festival (or, simply, Southside) is an annual music festival that takes place near Tuttlingen, southern Germany, usually every June. The festival as well as its, artists and audiences are generally associated within the alternative part of popular music.

The Hurricane Festival, often referred to as the "sister" of Southside, takes place on the same three days in the very north of Germany (contrary to Southside, which is in the very south). Together they form a twin festival, since they usually feature the same line-up of artists with only minor exceptions.

History and audience[edit]

Following the great success of the Hurricane Festival, organizers FKP Scorpio decided to launch a similar event in the south of Germany. In 1999, a former military airbase (Neubiberg bei München) in Neubiberg, near Munich, was selected as the venue. In 2000, the festival was moved to another former military airbase, this time in Neuhausen ob Eck, which is close to Freiburg and Stuttgart.

Because of the relative proximity to several borders - (France, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are all less than 100 km away) - the audience is quite multinational.

In 2003, the calculated maximum capacity of 40,000 people was reached and the festival has been sold out well in advance ever since.

Past lineups[edit]

The Hives singer Pelle Almqvist at the 2004 Southside Festival

(lineups partly differ from Hurricane)

Turbonegro performing at the 2005 Southside Festival
2008 Southside Festival

2007 storm incident[edit]

On the Thursday evening preceding the start of the festival, a storm demolished the tent stage and hurled large and heavy poles through the air. One such pole went through the roof of a paramedic van parked near the stage, killing one occupant and seriously injuring the other. The tent stage acts had to be canceled as a consequence. Festival organizers considered canceling the festival, but decided against it on advice of police, local authorities and even the paramedics team. The two main stages also suffered damage but were sufficiently repaired in time.

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