Southwest Pama–Nyungan languages

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Southwest Pama–Nyungan
Southwestern Australia
Linguistic classification: Pama–Nyungan
  • Southwest Pama–Nyungan
Glottolog: sout3134[1]

The Southwest Pama–Nyungan or Nyungic language group is the most diverse and widespread, though hypothetical, subfamily of the Pama–Nyungan language family of Australia. It contains about fifty distinct languages.

Internal classification[edit]

The Kanyara and Mantharta languages appear to be the most divergent of the Southwest languages. The others are sometimes collected under the name Nyungic.


The proposal has been largely abandoned. Bowern (2011) restricts "Southwest Pama–Nyungan" to Nyungar plus Kalaaku. (See Nyungic languages.)


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