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Single by Kent
from the album B-sidor 95–00
Released Retracted before Release
Format CD
Genre Indie rock
Alternative rock
Label BMG Sweden/RCA Victor
Producer(s) Nåid (Martin Landquist) and Kent
Kent singles chronology
"Dom andra"
B-sidor 95–00 track listing
"Längtan skala 3:1"

"Spökstad" is a song by the band Kent.

This is one of the most legendary Kent singles as it was sent out and then retracted. It is very rare but it is not the most rare Kent issue as there are some even more rare promotional issues. Some copies of Spökstad was also sent out as promotion copies but its in fact not a promotional issue, some copies even found their way to the record stores before it was retracted. It exists in a very limited amount of copies. Spökstad is the second of the two completely new songs on the B-Sidor 95-00 b-side compilation album. Just like Chans, the CD is partially transparent and the sleeve has photos taken by Jonas Linell on Svalbard.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Spökstad