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SpaceInvasion Logo
Developer(s) Gamesdynamite, Bigpoint
Publisher(s) Bigpoint
Platform(s) Web Browser
Release date(s) April 5, 2007

SpaceInvasion (previously known as GalaxyDestroyers) is a free to play, text-based resource management and space-war massively multiplayer online browser game purchased and relaunched by Bigpoint in 2007.[1] It has many gameplay features similar to OGame. The game world is entirely controlled by human players; there are no NPCs in the game. The game is being developed by SpaceInvasion UG since November 2011 as a part of the BigPoint Devlounge.


After the player registers for a universe and logs in, a random planet is assigned to them. There are 16 planets in one solar system and 400 solar systems in one galaxy. There are a total of 14 galaxies in one universe.

All starting planets have 230 fields. Fields determine the amount of buildings a player can have on the planet. Four resources, Pig Iron, Metal, Kryptonite, and Spice are used to construct buildings, upgrade research and create ships. Resources are gained by production from mines, trading, or from battle. Players are ranked in a point system: for every 2000 units of resource spent on construction one point is gained. Points determine which players can attack one another; players with significantly higher points cannot attack a player with much lower points and vice versa.

The game is a persistent world so construction, research, and production will continue even when the user is offline. This also means that a player may be attacked anytime; to counter this, almost all players "escape flight" whenever they go offline or are away from the computer. In an escape flight, the player sends their fleet and resources to another planet. The speed is set so the fleet will return when the player is able to return to the computer. This prevents the player from losing their fleet while they are offline.


Combat happens when a player sends an attacking fleet to another planet. The battle is calculated by the number and strength of both fleets in a maximum of 6 rounds. The battle ends when one side is completely destroyed or the 6 rounds are over (whichever comes first). When an attacker wins the battle, half of the defender's resources are captured and the attacking fleet returns to the starting planet. Only ships and defenses can be destroyed in battle; buildings do not take damage.


There are currently 4 resources used in SpaceInvasion: Pig Iron, Metal, Kryptonite, and Spice. All of them can be gained through mining except Metal, which is produced from Pig Iron using a Blast Furnace. For mines to function, the player needs Energy. Energy can be created from Fusion Plants, Thermosolar Plants or Solar cells. Solar cells are ships and therefore can be destroyed. All resources can be gained from attacking another player (as long as the defender has the resources present). Metal and Kryptonite can also be retrieved from a destroyed fleet using Recyclers, a type of ship.


An asteroid can be formed when rubble is created; the more rubble present, the higher the chance of an asteroid forming. Asteroids belong to the planet which it formed over. The Galaxy Scanner is a building that can only be built on the Asteroid. This building can scan for fleet movements near the asteroid, showing the asteroid owner the information


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