Space & Time

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Space & Time
Studio album by R.M.C.
Released 2010 (Japan only)
Genre Jazz
Label Orochon
Producer Madlib, Morgan Adams III
Yesterdays New Quintet chronology
Slave Riot
Space & Time

Space & Time is a jazz music album by hip hop producer Madlib's 'Yesterday's New Quintet' character R.M.C.. It was released in very limited quanitites in Japan only in 2010 on Orochon Records in vinyl format only.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed, arranged, and produced by Madlib.

  1. "High Stakes Place"
  2. "Space & Time"
  3. "60 N' Fig"
  4. "XU"
  5. "Lotto Master"
  6. "Solaris II"

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