Space Station 3D

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Space Station 3D
Directed by Toni Myers
Produced by Toni Myers
Written by Toni Myers
Narrated by Tom Cruise
Music by Micky Erbe
Maribeth Solomon
Cinematography James Neihouse
Edited by Toni Myers
Distributed by IMAX Corporation
Release dates
  • April 19, 2002 (2002-04-19)
Running time
47 minutes[1]
Country Canada
United States
Language English
Box office $123,937,803[2]

Space Station 3D (simply known as Space Station in 2D format) is a 2002 Canadian-American 3D short documentary film about the International Space Station written, produced, edited, and directed by Toni Myers.[3] Narrated by Tom Cruise, it is the first IMAX 3D production filmed in space.


Space Station 3D was the first 3D live-action film to be shot in space. Using advanced 3D technology, the film tells the story of the greatest engineering feat since a man landed on the Moon; the on-orbit assembly of the International Space Station as it travels 220 miles above the Earth at 17,500 mph. The film included sequences that portray the force of a rocket launch, look into the depths of space, experience life in zero gravity and accompany astronauts on a space walk."[4]


The film is the highest-grossing film that never got into the North American box office top 10, grossing $87,911,585.[5]

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