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Spacetoon Logo
Launched March 27, 2000 (via Nilesat)
May 31, 2013 (via Arabsat)
Closed May 30, 2013 (via Nilesat)
Picture format 720p(HDTV)
Slogan Young Future Channel
Country Syria-UAE
Language Arabic
Broadcast area Middle East
Headquarters Damascus (operational)
Dubai (General)
Replaced by Net TV Arabia
Sister channel(s) Spacetoon English
Space Power tv
Nilesat Channel 21 (UHF) DVB-T2 in Doha

SpaceToon channel TV Arab specializing in animation and children programs, began broadcasting March in 2000 and has two headquarters: First opened in 2001 at Damascus and the second opened in 2004 at Dubai. Channel Ten have planets determine varieties animated by content or age.

On 31 May 2013, Spacetoon 1 via Nilesat was renamed as "NET TV Arabia".

Spacetoon International Channels[edit]

Spacetoon Group has 2 channels in the Middle East which is Spacetoon and Space Power tv for sport and action programs. Spacetoon English was closed on January 1, 2011.

Spacetoon India[edit]

Kids Media India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Spacetoon Media Group, in India and is headquartered in Mumbai.

Magazines Space Toon[edit]

Space Toon issued many magazines, including magazine Space Toon, Journal of girls and magazine Hamtaro and Fulla and Fifi magazine and magazine Dragon poster and magazine Spider-Man. The magazine Fella They Properties Inc. of New Boy and have nothing to do other magazines. Magazines and other non-core no longer exist were issued in 2006 and ceased publication in 2007.


  • Action (Planet of the excitement and mystery) of the series of movement and excitement.
  • Adventure (Planet of the imagination and thrill) of the Series adventures.
  • Sport (Planet of the challenge and strength) of the series and sports programs.
  • Zumarda (planet for girls only) series and programs for girls.
  • Bon Bon (Planet Heroes adults) for baby shows
  • History (planet from time immemorial) for the historical series.
  • Science (planet discovery and knowledge) for educational programs.
  • Abjad (Planet of the numbers and letters) for educational programs.
  • Comedy (Planet Laugher) to comedy series.
  • Movies (planet of all colors) for the cartoons.

Series shown and dubbed[edit]

(All Series Dubbed by Venus Center)

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