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Spacetown is a fictional Spacer colony in Isaac Asimov's Robot series, established just outside New York City, on Earth, in the year 4991 AD to monitor and influence terrestrial political activity, which was considered dangerous to the Spacer worlds in the event of a second wave of Galactic colonisation because of terrestrial overpopulation and diseases allegedly spread by Earth people. The settlement of Spacetown caused riots among the angry local population and it was dismantled in 5021 AD, after Spacer politics evolved favorably to Earth population, due to the efforts of the Spacer pro-Earth colonisation party, of which Dr. Han Fastolfe was a prominent member.

As explained in the novel The Caves of Steel, R. Daneel Olivaw was constructed by Auroran roboticists Roj Nemennuh Sarton and Han Fastolfe in Spacetown in 5020 AD.