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Spacevidcast {TMRO}
Spacevidcast logo.png
Spacevidcast logo
Hosting Benjamin Higginbotham
Cariann Higginbotham
Genre Video podcast
Language English
Updates Saturday 21:00 UTC
Length approx. 50 minutes
Video format Flash
Debut March 26, 2008
License Creative Commons Attribution

Spacevidcast, often abbreviated as SVC, is a live weekly HD video podcast hosted by husband and wife team, Cariann Higginbotham and Benjamin Higginbotham. The mission statement for Spacevidcast is "Making space commonplace."

SVC's main purpose, as stated, is

In contrast to most space-related podcasts, Spacevidcast is produced independently and is not associated with any governmental or private organization, which sets it apart from other shows like NASA Edge or Hubblecast.[1][2] In August 2011 show host Benjamin Higginbotham was hired at SpaceX, however there is no tie between SpaceX and Spacevidcast.

Aside from the generally available video content Spacevidcast also offers some audio and text content as well as a paid service called EPIC, st started a paid, includes a wide variety of "extra" content. In addition a Spacevidcast Wiki is hosted by the initiative. Spacevidcast was awarded the Best Presentation of Space Award during NewSpace 2010.[3]

Weekly live-casts[edit]


The show consists of several parts, starting with a show-opener that includes a Spacevidcast theme song, a logo including the motto Making Space Commonplace and a collection of space related footage. After a brief introduction of the hosts and a short off-topic discussion, the first segment of the show is Space News. Prepared by co-host Cariann, Space News takes up most of the first part of the podcast. A number of videos, as well as the Spacevidcast calendar of upcoming spaceflight-related events, are played after the news segment. During the third segment, the show hosts either discuss one or more topics with the live chat room community or interview guests.


Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Season 3[edit]

Season 4[edit]

Episode Title Main Theme Date
4.01 "STS-135, cool space stuff and news - Live Show 4.01" STS-135, the most complex EDL ever, China test unmanned craft, Nanosails and more news. January 28, 2011
4.02 "Yuri's Night Announcement – Live Show 4.02" Dr. Ryan L. Kobrick of Yuri’s Night joins us live, space programs from ESA to Roscosmos, the Kepler mission, and shuttle retirement. February 04, 2011
4.03 "Spacevidcast Live 4.03" Special thanks to the Vlogbrothers Hank and John for their epically awesome efforts to promote the assets of JDubST! February 11, 2011
4.04 "Spacevidcast Live 4.04" February 18, 2011
4.05 "It’s not the end of an era, it is a new beginning – Live Show 4.05" Discovery finishes her last mission. Endeavour is next. GLORY has issues but the military’s X-37B launches without a hitch. March 11, 2011
4.06 "How and why you should help Japan – Live show 4.06" Send your ashes to orbit, the Cassini IMAX movie, MESSENGER enters Mercury’s orbit and the progress of New Space companies. March 18, 2011
4.07 "STS-134 Media, New Rockets, Nanosail-D – Live Show 4.07" Armadillo Aerospace’s 100,000 foot flight, Rocketdyne's Bantam engine, Senators Crippling Rockets and NanoSail-D in orbit. March 25, 2011
4.08 "n3rd crush, possible STS-134 delay, SS2 and more! Live Show 4.08" NASA Tweetup, STS-134 delay, stacking STS-135 is underway, Ariane 5 issues, BBC looks at SpaceShipTwo, and "Something Big is Coming" April 1, 2011
4.09 "Martian Summer with Andrew Kessler – Live Show 4.09" Author Andrew Kessler talks about his experiences with Phoenix and his new book “Martian Summer” April 8, 2011
4.10 "Everyone wants a REAL orbiter – Live Show 4.10" States without a retired orbiter are upset, States that did get an orbiter want a different one, and people are just plain grumpy. April 15, 2011
4.11 "OldSpace can be NewSpace too – Live Show 4.11" STS-134 will be awesome, NASA Awards over a quarter billion to next generation space companies, and is China starting space race 2.0? April 22, 2011

Season 5[edit]

Episode Title Date
5.01 "Does Space need the Government to survive?" 10 March 2012
5.02 "Russia's ambitious 18 year Space Plan" 17 March 2012
5.03 "Why should we invest in science and space?" 24 March 2012
5.04 "What if Apollo never happened?" 7 April 2012
5.05 "What does the future of space look like?" 14 April 2012
5.06 "Mining Asteroids" 28 April 2012
5.07 "Is the Liberty Rocket now a contender?" 9 May 2012
5.08 "Commercial Space Takes a Leap Forward" 2 June 2012
5.09 "What happens if we double NASA's budget?" 9 June 2012
5.10 "Will China make it to the moon?" 23 June 2012
5.11 "Who will advance humans in space?" 14 July 2012
5.12 "Asteroid mining and landing on Mars" 4 August 2012
5.13 "Who should be interested in the cosmos?" 1 September 2012
5.14 "Please, use all the numbers" 8 September 2012
5.15 "The Space Shuttle's Final Endeavour" 12 October 2012
5.16 "It may not be the edge of space, but it sure is impressive!" 20 October 2012
5.17 "Yes, Mars is important" 3 November 2012
5.18 "Why is China stealing rocket information?" 1 December 2012
5.19 "The Golden Spike Company" 8 December 2012
5.20 "A look back to 2012 and forward to 2013" 29 December 2012

Season 6[edit]

Episode Title Date
6.01 "Can Advertising dollars drive NewSpace?" 12 January 2013
6.02 "The Upcoming Asteroid Mining Industry" 26 January 2013
6.03 "Kickstarting a Space Program" 2 February 2013
6.04 "Amazing Space news from around the world" 9 February 2013
6.05 "Meteor Attack!" 16 February 2013
6.06 "Google Lunar X-PRIZE" 23 February 2013
6.07 "How You Can Help Mine Asteroids" 9 March 2013
6.08 "The Mars Initiative" 16 March 2013
6.09 "XCOR's New Piston Rocket Engine" 30 March 2013
6.10 "Eyes on the Solar System" 6 April 2013
6.11 "3D Printing Rocket Engine Contest" 13 April 2013
6.12 "The Cool Kids Work in Mojave" 27 April 2013
6.13 "Is Mars One a Scam, Fantasy or Brilliant Idea?" 4 May 2013
6.14 "Does SciFi help SciFact?" 25 May 2013
6.15 "Crowdfunding Your Next Space Program" 1 June 2013
6.16 "Is Big Government Our best chance to explore the Cosmos?" 8 June 2013
6.17 "Not Because it's Easy" 15 June 2013

Season 7[edit]

Episode Title[4] Date
7.01 "The first Spacevidcast of 2014" 18 January 2014
7.02 "Destinations or Infrastructure?" 25 January 2014
7.03 "2nd Coming of Space" 8 February 2014
7.04 "Get off my Lunar lawn" 15 February 2014
7.05 "Google Lunar X PRIZE Milestones" 22 February 2014
7.06 "Will private space kill the Space Launch System?" 1 March 2014
7.07 "Who owns the moon?" 8 March 2014
7.08 "Have we forgotten about the Moon?" 15 March 2014
7.09 "What will our Martian Government look like?" 22 March 2014
7.10 "The battle between Roscosmos and NASA" 5 April 2014
7.11 "Living forever" 19 April 2014
7.12 "SpaceX vs US Air Force" 26 April 2014
7.13 "Changing at the speed of the cosmos" 3 May 2014
7.14 "The Martian Settlers Experience" 10 May 2014
7.15 "The Situation" 24 May 2014
7.16 "spaceship SpaceShip SPACESHIP" 31 May 2014
7.17 "When do we get to finally go to Mars?" 14 June 2014
7.18 "Promoting the cosmos to friends" 28 June 2014
7.19 "What will Martian habitats look like?" 5 July 2014
7.20 "The Propulsion of Tomorrow" 12 July 2014
7.21 "#Apollo45" 19 July 2014
7.22 "Dave Masten and DARPA" 26 July 2014
7.23 "Where should we colonize first?" 2 August 2014
7.24 "The Electron Rocket" 9 August 2014
7.25 "Kickstarting a rocket company" 16 August 2014
7.26 "Firefly Space" 23 August 2014

Live events and daily-casts[edit]

Spacevidcast has covered a number of live events such as Shuttle and Soyuz launches, the Phoenix Mars landing, the launch of Jules Verne ATV, the GLAST Space Telescope, Chandrayaan-1, Shenzhou 7, the Kepler Mission as well as commercial satellite launches. The website was one of many outlets to broadcast a live feed of the lunar impact by NASA's LCROSS spacecraft and participated in Guy Laliberté's Poetic Social Mission Event: Moving Stars and Earth for Water. These events are usually summed up in short daily clips dedicated to one or two events.
Additionally, Spacevidcast streams NASA TV with an accompanying chat room through UStream live 24/7 with an HD video feed during launches and other significant events.

2008 Lunar Lander Challenge[edit]

The Spacevidcast team was the official event webcaster for the X Prize Foundation's 2008 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.Spacevidcast streamed continuously from Las Cruces, New Mexico on October 24 and October 25. The hosts were on site to interview team leaders and VIP guests. The podcast was also the only media outlet to cover the Rocket Racing League at Spaceport America announcement by the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson.

ISDC 2009[edit]

Spacevidcast was the exclusive webcaster of the 2009 International Space Development Conference, an annual event hosted and organized by the National Space Society. As part of its coverage, the hosts provided live video webcasts of the main presentations as well as an option for viewers to send questions via the chat room. The videos were also made available on demand. In addition to direct coverage of the conference, Spacevidcast also broadcast a regular weekly show from the ISDC 2009 setting and the hosts participated in a panel discussion on May 29 entitled Space Media 2.0.

SpaceUp San Diego (2010)[edit]

Spacevidcast was the exclusive webcaster of the 2010 SpaceUp San Diego unconference, the first major space BarCamp-like event hosted by the San Diego Space Society. As part of their coverage, the hosts provided live video webcasts of the many of the presentations as well as much of the Ignite talks. The videos are now available on demand. The quality of these videos is low only because of a lack of internet connections at the conference and spotty cell phone coverage.

NewSpace 2010 (2010)[edit]

Spacevidcast was the exclusive webcaster of the 2010 Space Frontier Foundation NewSpace Conference, a yearly conference for NewSpace leaders to meet and organize the future of the NewSpace movement. Benjamin and Cariann provided live coverage of each of the talks during the weekend. The videos are now available on demand (some are EPIC subscriber-only).

SpaceUp D.C. (2010)[edit]

Spacevidcast was the exclusive webcaster of the 2010 SpaceUp Washington D.C. unconference, the second space BarCamp-like event hosted by Evadot founder Michael Doornbos. As part of their coverage, the hosts provided live video webcasts of the many of the presentations and Ignite talks. The videos are now all available to watch on their YouTube channel.

SpaceUp San Diego (2011)[edit]

Spacevidcast is the exclusive webcaster of the 2011 SpaceUp San Diego unconference, the third space BarCamp-like event hosted by the San Diego Space Society and the first repeat SpaceUp, held on February 12–13, 2011. Cariann Higginbotham, co-host of Spacevidcast, is attending the event and, assisted by corporate and private sponsors, will be providing live video webcasts of the many of the presentations and T-5 talks (similar to Ignite talks). The videos will be available to watch on their YouTube channel and will be viewable live on their website.

SpaceUp Houston (2011)[edit]

Spacevidcast is the exclusive webcaster of the 2011 SpaceUp Houston unconference, the fourth space BarCamp-like event hosted by the Clear Lake NSS/Moon Society and the Lunar and Planetary Institute on February 12–13, 2011. Benjamin Higginbotham, co-host of Spacevidcast, is attending the event and will be providing live video webcasts of the many of the presentations and demonstrations. The videos will be available to watch on their YouTube channel and will be viewable live on their website.

Space Shuttle launches[edit]

Spacevidcast was one of the first sources to get High Definition Space Shuttle launches online. These shows progressed until Spacevidcast was granted media access to the Kennedy Space Center Press site for STS-132 through the end of the program. The Spacevidcast shuttle coverage was marked as Wired Magazine's three best ways to watch a shuttle launch online.[5]

SpaceVidCast on LiveStream[edit]

As of episode 7.03 SpaceVidCast left YouTube streaming and moved to LiveStream

SpaceVidCast on Patreon[edit]

As of Season 7 SpaceVidCast has move from its previous on demand content form epics to a more Kickstarter Like Vidcasting server called Patreon.[6]

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