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Developer Mikuláš Patočka
Introduced (Linux kernel)
Max. volume size 144 PB
Supported operating systems Linux

SpadFS is an experimental file system for the Linux kernel developed by Mikuláš Patočka. SpadFS was first presented at the end of 2006, the most recent version (0.9.14) is from March 2013.[1] "Spad" is Patočka's abbreviation for Czech Systém pro Psychopaty A Debily (System for psychopaths and idiots).[2]

SpadFS uses crash counting to handle consistency problems. The filesystem also uses extendible hashing instead of B-tree based structures for storage. SpadFS also differs from other traditional filesystems by storing the inode information together with the directory entry itself.

According to the doctoral thesis,[3] the filesystem has been tested on a search engine with a 1TB RAID array.

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