Spadla z oblakov

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Spadla z oblakov
Also known as She Came Out of the Blue Sky (english title)
Genre Children's, science-fiction
Written by Václav Pavel Borovička
František Vlček
Directed by Radim Cvrček
Starring Zuzana Pravňanská (ru)
Composer(s) Harry Macourek
Country of origin Czechoslovakia
Original language(s) Slovak
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Czechoslovak Television
Cinematography Karel Kopecký
Original airing October 25, 1978[1]

Spadla z oblakov (Slovak, in English translated as She Came Out of the Blue Sky) is a Slovak language sci-fi TV series for children created in 1978. The series became very popular in Czechoslovakia and several other countries.

The series was based on 1967 child book Spadla z nebe (She came out of the blue sky) by Václav Pavel Borovička, a Czech writer and screenwriter. The first, very successful edition was followed by several reprints, the last in year 2000 (ISBN 80-7214-365-4). The TV series follows the book quite closely.

The plot[edit]

An extraterrestrial alien lands on Earth near the (fictional) Slovak town Čabovce. The alien, which looks like a little girl, meets with a group of children from the town who name her Maika (Majka). While she has extensive knowledge of encyclopedical facts about the human world, she doesn't really understand people's emotions and behaviour and gets only slowly acquainted with them through the help of her new friends. Maika in turn uses her abilities to fly or to effortlessly replicate things as a source of entertainment and adventures for her friends.

Maika's extraordinary capabilities soon attract the attention of a mysterious secret service. As the service agents try to snatch Maika, they damage her source of energy. The alien, who turns to be an android, is thus forced to go back to her home planet Gurun, but she promises the children that she will return again. (At this point the series departs from the book, where Maika dies.)


The series was produced in 1978 by Czechoslovak Television Bratislava in Film Ateliers Gottwaldov. It consists of 13 parts, each lasting about 25 minutes. Radim Cvrček served as the director, the main child role (Maika) was played by Zuzana Pravňanská. The music was composed by Harry Macourek.

Spadla z oblakov does not rely on astonishing visual effects and keeps the simple storyline focused on understanding the human world from the point of view of a child.

Name in other languages[edit]

The series has been aired in several foreign countries (first in 1981 in Norway) under different names.

  • English: She Came Out of the Blue Sky
  • Russian: Приключения в каникулы
  • German: Sie kam aus dem All
  • Polish: Majka z Kosmosu/Spadła z obłoków
  • Norwegian (Nynorsk): Majka – jenta frå verdsrommet
  • Vietnamese: Maika - Cô bé từ trên trời rơi xuống
  • Hungarian: Csillagok küldötte
  • Bulgarian: Паднала от облаците
  • Spanish: Mayka, La Niña del Espacio


  1. ^ First Aired: October 25, 1978

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