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Spaghetti Records is a record label launched in September 1991 by Pet Shop Boys.

The first single to be released on Spaghetti was by a 21-year-old Scottish singer, synthesizer player and songwriter called David Cicero. The single was called "Heaven Must Have Sent You Back to Me". Cicero went on to release four more singles and an album on Spaghetti.

Other artists to have released material on Spaghetti include Masterboy, Boy George and Ignorants.[1]

The label's logo consists of the word SPAGHETTI laid out vertically in extremely tall extra-thin type, to mimic a strand of spaghetti.

In May 2003, the Pet Shop Boys launched two more record labels called Olde English Vinyl and Lucky Kunst. These new labels are part of Spaghetti and have seen releases by Atomizer, Pete Burns and Sam Taylor-Wood.


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