Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 1962

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Eurovision Song Contest 1962
Country  Spain
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) Semi-final
5 February 1962
6 February 1962
Selected entrant Víctor Balaguer
Selected song "Llámame"
Finals performance
Final result 13th, 0 points
Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Spain took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 1962. The country was represented by Víctor Balaguer with the song "Llámame". The song was chosen through a national final.

National final[edit]

The national final took place at RNE's studios in Barcelona and was aired through radio, hosted by Federico Gallo. Sixteen songs were presented in a semi-final on February 5, and ten of these songs went forward to the national final that took place on February 6. Víctor Balaguer was proclaimed winner with "Llámame" by the votes of 10 regional radio stations.[1][2]

Result of national final[edit]

Draw Song Translation Singer Place
1 "Que llueva" Let it rain Dúo Juvens -
2 "Grandioso" Grandiose Víctor Balaguer 3
3 "Un viejo paraguas" An old umbrella Tonio Areta 2
4 "Después de aquello" After that Lita Torelló -
5 "Recuerdo" Memory José Guardiola -
6 "Nostalgia" Nostalgia José Guardiola -
7 "Canto de un fracaso" Song of a failure Tonio Areta -
8 "Perdona Otelo" Sorry Othello Raphael -
9 "Llámame" Call me Víctor Balaguer 1
10 "Huella de ti" Trace of yours Gelu -

At Eurovision[edit]

Víctor Balaguer was the third to perform in the running order, following Belgium and preceding Austria. He received nul point for his performance, sharing the last place with Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands.


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