Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Country  Spain
National selection
Selection process Eurovisión 2005: Elige nuestra canción
Selection date(s) Semi-final
4 March 2005
5 March 2005
Selected entrant Son de Sol
Selected song "Brujería"
Finals performance
Final result 21st, 28 points
Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Spain participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with "Brujería" sung by the trio Son de Sol. The song was chosen by a national final and at Eurovision, it placed 21st receiving 28 points.

Eurovisión 2005: Elige nuestra canción[edit]

Twelve acts participated in the Spanish national final "Eurovisión 2005: Elige nuestra canción", hosted from Madrid by Carlos Lozano, Patricia Pérez and Ainhoa Arbizu, and broadcast by TVE. The final included one semi-final, held on 4 March 2005, and a final held the next day on 5 March 2005. The list of participants included the controversial trio Las Supremas de Móstoles, who would rank second.

Results of national final[edit]

Son de Sol won the contest featuring their song "Brujería" (Witchcraft). The song is written and composed by Alfredo Panebianco. The winner was decided by televoting.

Draw Song Translation Singer Points Place
1 "Eres un enfermo" You're a sicko Las Supremas de Móstoles 21.8% 2nd
2 "Nada para ti, nada para mí" Nothing for you, nothing for me Lanco NA 5th
3 "Quién dirá" Who can tell Enzo NA 6th
4 "Brujería" Witchcraft Son de Sol 24.2% 1st
5 "Echo de menos" I miss Felipe Conde 16.4% 3rd
6 "Arriba el mundo" Long live the world Yulia NA 4th

At Eurovision[edit]

Spain automatically qualified for the grand final, on 21 May 2005; as part of the "Big Four". During the placement draw, it was determined that Spain would perform 10th. On 21 May, Spain placed 21st with 28 points.

Points Awarded by Spain[1][edit]

Points Awarded to Spain[edit]

Points Awarded to Spain (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

The spokesperson who revealed Spain's votes for other countries was TVE and national final host Ainhoa Arbizu.[2]

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