Spalding Gray: Terrors of Pleasure

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Spalding Gray: Terrors of Pleasure
Spalding Gray Terrors of Pleasure.jpg
Directed by Thomas Schlamme
Produced by Cherie Fortis
Written by Spalding Gray
Starring Spalding Gray
Edited by John Fortenberry
Distributed by Lionsgate
Running time 60 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Spalding Gray: Terrors of Pleasure is a 1988 filming of a monologue written and performed by Spalding Gray.

In it, he chronicles the adventures he shared with his girlfriend, Renee, in the Catskills. These took place in and around a cabin he purchased, there in Upstate New York, including the apparent absence of any foundation, and a furnace located in the attic, which is not ideal, if one thinks to take normal heat-flow direction into account.

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