Spallanzani (Martian crater)

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Spallanzani Crater
Stair-stepping mesas in interior deposit of Spallanzani Crater, as seen by THEMIS.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 58°18′S 273°42′W / 58.3°S 273.7°W / -58.3; -273.7Coordinates: 58°18′S 273°42′W / 58.3°S 273.7°W / -58.3; -273.7
Eponym Lazzaro Spallanzani, an Italian biologist (1729-1799)

Spallanzani Crater is found in the Hellas quadrangle of Mars, located at 58.3° south latitude and 273.7° west longitude. It is 72.5 km in diameter and was named after Lazzaro Spallanzani, an Italian biologist (1729-1799).[1]


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