Spanish passport

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Spanish passport
Pasaporte Español 2009.jpg
Front cover of a contemporary Spanish biometric passport
The data page of a contemporary Spanish biometric passport
Date first issued August 14, 2006 (biometric passport)
Issued by  Spain
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Spanish citizenship
Expiration Spanish passports expire 5 years after issuance when borne by citizens up to the age of 30, and 10 years for citizens aged 30-70; for travelers aged 70 and above, passports do not expire
Cost 25,50 €[1]
Spanish diplomatic passport

Spanish passports are issued to Spanish citizens for the purpose of travel outside Spain. However, for travel solely within the European Economic Area, Switzerland and a number of other European countries, Spanish citizens need only use their Spanish identity card. According to the "Henley Visa Restrictions Index 2014," holders of a Spanish passport can visit 172 countries without a visa, making it the 3th most advantageous passport in the world.[2]


  • Ordinary Passport (Spanish: Pasaporte ordinario) - Issued for ordinary travel, such as vacations and business trips
  • Collective Passport (Spanish: Pasaporte colectivo) - Issued for the occasion of pilgrimages, excursions and other acts of analogous nature, whenever reciprocity with the destiny country exists; its validity is limited a single trip, whose duration will not be able to exceed three months.
  • Diplomatic Passport (Spanish: Pasaporte diplomático) - Issued to Spanish diplomats, top ranking government officials and diplomatic couriers.
  • Official Passports and on Watch (Spanish: Pasaportes oficiales y de servicio)- Issued to individuals representing the Spanish government on official business

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