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Produced by Texas Instruments, the Magic Wand Reader (introduced in 1982 as the Magic Wand Speaking Reader[1]) had a hand held "wand" that one would slide over the "Talking Tracks" to read along with educational books.
Bill Cosby was initially a spokesman for this device.

The Magic Wand Speaking Library[edit]

Skill Levels[edit]

Different levels of activities and short stories were available.

Level 1 Toddler.
Level 2 Preschool.
Level 3 Early Elementary.


Green - Early Readers
Cyan - Letters, Numbers, Words *(Basics)
Blue - Favorite Characters and Famous Faces *(Sprites' Adventures)
Purple - Information
Orange - Fun and Laughter
Yellow - Classics, Folk Tales and Legends
Brown - Magical Adventures *(Magic Creatures)

  • The series were listed slightly different on the back of the pack in book Mac's Big Surprise



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